Future Rocket Launches

Year-Month Date+Info Provider and SOURCE WWW
2017-07-14 Launch of Kanopus-V-IK on board of Soyuz-2 launch vehicle from Baikonur Roskosmos

SRC: roskosmos.ru

2017-07 -?? Expedition 52/53 crew: Randy Bresnik/NASA, Paolo Nespoli/ ESA, Sergey Ryazanskiy/RoscosmosInternational Space Station. Russia / Roskosmos

SRC: nasa.gov

2017-08-01 OptSat-3000 and Venus via Pegasus ESA

SRC: esa.int


TDRS-M (communication satellite) on Atlas V launch vehicle

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station SLC 41


SRC: kennedyspacecenter.com

2017-08-10 SpaceX: CRS-12 Mission – Cargo/Resupply for the ISS on Falcon 9 SRC: space.com
2017-08-24 SpaceX: Launch of Formosat-5 (earth observation satellite) on Falcon 9 SRC: space.com
2017-08-28 SpaceX: X-37B (small shuttle like spacecraft by U.S. military) on Falcon 9 SRC: space.com
2017-09-12 Orbital ATK OA-8 Commercial ReSupply Mission Orbital ATK

SRC: nasa.gov

2017-09-13 Joe Acaba, Mark Vande Hei, cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin/Roscosmos: Launch to the space station aboard the Soyuz MS-06 spacecraft Roscosmos

SRC: nasa.gov

2017-09-14 ICON (Ionospheric Connection Explorer) satellite on board a Orbital ATK Pegasus launch vehicle Orbital ATKSRC: nasa.gov  LINK


  • Q3/2017: SpaceX Falcon Heavy Demo (1st flight test)
  • Q4/2017: SpaceX Falcon Heavy first flight with payload

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